Detail of Exchange Meeting

Date : 18 November 2016 (Friday)

Venue : Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre Meeting Room 302-303

18:30 Reception & registration

19:00 The Greeting time (consecutive interpretation)

Organizer greeting from the chairman of MANGA Festival
by Mr. Yasumasa Shimizu, Senior Vice President and Board Member, KODANSHA CO.,LTD.

The Greetings from Japanese Ambassador
by H.E. Dr. Makio Miyagawa, Ambassador of Japan to the Malaysia

The Greetings from the Malaysian government

The Greetings & proposing a toast from Japan Malaysia Friendship League of Parliamentarians
by Mr. Keiji Furuya, Chairman, Member of the House of Representatives

19:30 Time for chatting

20:30 The Greetings time

The Greetings from Japanese government
by Mr. Ryu Kobayashi, Assistant Director, Media and Content Industry Division,
Commerce and Information Policy Bureau

21:00 Ending time

Business Meeting OUTLINE

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